What is Co-Washing?


In my recent blog post : “How to deep condition your hair” I have received several questions pertaining to co-washing. I will answer what is co-washing and several other questions on why, when and how often to co-wash your hair.

  1.  What is Co-Washing?- Co-washing or (Conditioner washing)  is when you condition your hair without shampooing. Shampoo naturally strips your hair of any oils, dirt and build up that happens over a period of time. Note that co-washing can be used as a way to d-tangle your hair!

    Example: For example let’s say you have just washed your hair thoroughly with shampoo and conditioner, and for a whole week you went to the gym and sweated out your hair. You hair is not necessarily dirty. This would be a great time to rinse your hair and apply only conditioner from roots to tips. Now you can use any conditioner of your choice. I use the Cantu Shea Butter for natural hair: Rinse out conditioner.

  2. How often Should I co-wash?:  This depends on your hair regimen. However if you wear your hair in twists out, wash n go and other natural hair styles you will want to co-wash your hair in between styles and “shampoo” washes. This revitalizes your hair. I often co-wash my hair after I have  had a twist out in for a week. My hairr often starts to get really frizzy and starts to knot up.
  3. Where do I buy the co-washing products: I have purchased several co-washing products before, but I have found that using my ordinary conditioner works best for me. I purchase my products from   Sally Beauty or my local beauty supply. Note that Sally Beauty supply will probably carry these products cheaper, and if you sign up and purchase the $5 Sally Beauty club card all items are at a discounted price.  Some of my favorite co-wash products that I have used are

    As I Am-Cocont Co-Wash

    Eden Body Works- Cleansing Co-Wash

  4. Why should I Co-wash my hair?: Co-washing is good to re-moisturizing your hair without stripping the oils out of your hair. It will leave your hair softer, manageable and silky.
  5. Will Co-washing Cure my dry hair?: No co-washing will not cure dry hair. But try co-washing in between shampoo treatments. Try using Tea Tree Oil. Tea Tree oil is great for healing your scalp, helps fight dandruff and any natural hair fungus.

3 Things to keep in mind about Co-Washing

  • Ingredients:  If co-washing is a natural part of your hair regimen stay away form silicone. Silicone’s are synthetic additives and are not of  water-soluble making it harder to wash out without shampoo (detergent)
  • Only Co-wash as needed: Depending on your schedule, climate co-wash as much as you like however keep in mind that your hair is most fragile when wet. be careful when styling  and allow your hair enough time to dry. If you are going to blow dry or add any heat to hair make sure to use a thermal shield such as Cantu Shea Butter: Thermal Shield
  • Clarify your hair with sulfate free shampoo occasionally: This is still a very important step that people often skip. You hair and scalps still needs to be adequately cleansed.

Let me know if you co-wash your hair. Or if this Blog has helped you understand what is Co-washing!

Happy Hair Divas

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