Kate Spade Wedding Shoes


As promised, I committed to sharing fashion details from my wedding!!! You all know I am classy glitz and glam type of gal.. and having the perfect reception shoes were a top priority! I searched high and low.. Google, Pintrest, and went to the mall to find the perfect comfortable reception shoes.. I didn’t want something that was ordinary and definitely didn’t want to change into another pair of heels.. I was ready to boogie on down the dance floor!

During my search I came across these rose gold sparkly “Kate Spade” Keds on Pintrest.. We all know that when you come across something on Pintrest 9 times out of 10 the item is gone or there is no significant link. However I instantly googled these shoes and BAM! there is a Kate Spade wedding line on Keds.com!

Sneakers was on the top of my checklist for comfort, rose gold matched perfectly with my color scheme, the ribbon laces and the sparkles.. It was love at first sight! I was willing to pay whatever price for these gorgeous shoes. That $80 price tag hit me hard knowing that I had other wedding expenses. Now you know your girl does everything on a budget. If you sign up with Keds.com they give you 10% off coupon. I also received a another coupon in my inbox which I was able to use. I ended up spending $50 for the perfect wedding reception shoes.

I felt so alive in my shoes, as I danced the night away with my price charming.. Divas these shoes come in an assortment of colors. I would love to purchase the other colors!

Let me know your favorite color!

xo Happy Fashion Divas

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