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It’s back to work for many of us including me! I am stepping it up with this sophisticated 3 piece sweater sweater suit. Eva Mendes knows how to coordinate color, patterns and class. She doesn’t just do this in 1 option but makes it for all body types. for example if skirts don’t look good on you, don’t worry this also comes in a dress version. I love that Eva Mendes and NY&CO cater to all sizes just like me!

If you remember a few blogs back I have the all 3 piece teal version of this outfit. I figured why not and get the printed version so I can interchange the two!

I love to layer so the turtleneck top is quarter length, great for the office. The cardigan is great to pull on over the sweater. It’s the right weight for those chilly days. Let’s take a minute for this skirt.. the stripes and the movement that it gives it’s amazing! It’s not easy to match a pattern from front to back but Eva has mastered the tailoring on this piece.

My foot work with this piece was pretty simple and I choose a blue suede bootie. I found these booties several years ago on GoJane.com, I will make sure to leave a similar look below. Topping this look off with my winter collection Coach bag… with a hint of sparkle.ย  You know I love sparkles.

Oh Yes and if you are not into blue this come in purple!

Glow in style, xo happy Fashion Divas.

Get The Look:

Sweater| Cardigan|Skirt| Bootiesย (Name: Isabella)

Blue Dress option

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  1. Thank you. To be honest I purchased these shoes online and was not sure about the way they looked! however I was shocked at the quality and the platform makes them really comfortable. I have left a link of a similar style. I am glad you enjoyed the blog.

    xo Emanee

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