Stiletto pumps, in the club


Booties, booties, booties.. You can’t have a perfect winter without booties! I have been slowly making my collection of booties for the fall and winter, how crazy is it that I didn’t have this amazing taupe color! The key to having a great shoe-drobe is to start off with the basics. Make sure you have your black, brown, taupe, cognac, sometimes blue. I say sometimes because blue can be hard to find. Lately blue has made statement and you can’t miss it. Styles are often limited so if you see a good pair grab them!

Now back to this beautiful faux suede goddess. Her name is Sansa and the heel height is 3′. Awesome to give your figure that awesome lift and perfect for walking or standing. I am so loving the thick heel trend right now, because “no lie” the stiletto’s were killing my feet.. however don’t sleep on stilettos.

“Stiletto pumps, in the club,
Whoeva thought that these girls would get crunk,
Stiletto pumps, in tha club,
Whoeva thought that these girls would get crunk
We rockin stilettos *&^%”

Who remembers that song.. anyways.. Divas these shoes are a must have this winter.. This bootie is a year around shoe, perfect for all seasons and easy to dress up or down.

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Xo Happy Fashion Divas

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Sansa Bootie

3 thoughts on “Stiletto pumps, in the club

  1. Love, love ❤️ booties. That’s what I find myself reaching for this time of the year! I really do have way too many shoes to start a shoe subscription 😂 my husband would certainly give me the 👁 😆

    1. Well the secret.. Well there’s no secret but JUSTFAB has great perks. Let me explain. to become a VIP member you do have to purchase at least 1 pair of shoes at $10 which is your activation of your membership. From there it’s totally up to you on what and when you want to purchase. JustFAb will only deduct $39.95 out of your account if you do not skip between the 1st-5th of of every month. if you fail to skip and want your money back just simply call customer service and tell them it was an accident. trust me it has happened to me. That’s it. as long as you stay a member you will always have access to their sales! I keep my subscription so I can have unlimited access to the sales.. like right now thy have 75% off sale shoes from $20 down to $10 and below! also bags, and clothing is on sale.. jus let me know if you have any future question!

      xo Emanee

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