Reaching Your Goals in Style

Hi Divas I have met a small goal of mine. Which was to obtain 1,000 followers by the end of the year. Well it’s October and I met my goal! Thank you to all of my followers on instagram. If you are not following me you can do so here!I thought today would be a good day since it was Monday to do a Monday motive segment on the blog and of course feature some fashion inspiration!


Speaking of goals, January will make a full year that I have been blogging consistently, and let me tell you I have learned so much. To my loyal followers, you would know that I first started off on YouTube doing fashion and hair videos. But I found that I just wasn’t loyal to making videos and shooting my fashion and writing about it came more naturally to me. Don’t get me wrong I am a natural in front of the camera… I think 🙂 But blogging just seemed more fruitful. I could just be transparent and physically type out my thoughts to all fo you. Like I said before it has been a journey getting to where I am at now, and I have so much further to go! I am actually just getting started.

I have a few questions for you.

  1. What are some of your goals?
  2. Have you started trying to meet your goals
  3. What are your passions
  4. What drives you?



Try to seriously think about this questions and reflect on them. Are you in a snail mode or a rabbit mode? Are you truly doing all that you can right now. Let em be honest I am not. I can be doing so much more. Don’t get me wrong I am not lazy but I am definitely a go getter and I am my own worse critic. But lately I just want it all and more!


So today I want you to write down your thought and put a plan of action together and start working towards those goals. Remember to stop saying I can’t.. or I don’t have time, we make time for what we want! don’t forget when you are doing great things do it in style!

For todays look I kept it super simple in red. I totally into red right now and just fyi these red boots will be appearing not eh blog several times! My beret and sweater is from SHEIN. I am so into berets as I mentioned previously on my blog and they are a must have this fall and winter! The sweater is a light knit that hits right at the waist but it complement the red and black stripe on jeans from NY & Company. Yaull should know where my booties are from.. of course JustFab. Thats it simple and chic. Have a wonderful eek Divas! make it count.


Get The Look:

Beret | Sweater | Jeans | Booties

3 thoughts on “Reaching Your Goals in Style

  1. Girl I have goals written down everywhere! It’s so bad. This week, I’m going to take some time and really write out permanent goals for the rest of the year and come up with a plan to complete those goals! I have to do better. However, I have been blogging consistently for the past few months and I’m proud of myself. That was one of the things that I struggled with. Baby steps, I guess. Congratulations on reaching 1,000 IG followers. That’s a big accomplishment!

  2. Wow I can tell I’m going to love this blog series already. I recently (like a week and a half ago recently) started my modest fashion blog and it has been a TON of work. Following you on Instagram I thought you’d been doing this forever – I am so amazed to see you’ve been blogging for less than a year! Your growth is awesome and totally encouraging to me. I definitely can get some use out of setting goals for my own blog. To answer some of your questions, my passion has got to be seeing the underrepresented represented. I didn’t know why I had to be so different growing up, it was so hard! But now I know I’m a girl full of niche and I want a chance to speak for and include the niche audiences I represent. And so I guess imagining a little girl like me, turning to my blog or scrolling through my Instagram and feeling like she matters and is so unique yet has a community of support is what drives me.

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